Blender - simplified path to MRL

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Its been fun playing email tag with Gael .. we are trying to figure out a easy, maintainable process of going from   Gael's Brain --to--> Blender --to--> JMonkey SDK --to-->  MRL  

Maybe even have a python script that does it in one shot (not sure about Gael's brain...)

Installing MRL / OpenCV, JavaCPP on Jetson TX2

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So the main issue seems that this hardware configuration is a bit of a special snowflake that needs to have JavaCPP compiled specifically for the linux-arm-64 architecture.

This Jetson TX2 is pretty much a fresh install. I did add a 500GB SSD since it comes with 30GB eMMC which doesn't have enough free space to do much of anything...


After installing maven the version reports this:

$mvn -version

Inmoov virtual mode

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Hi I use myrorobotlab (1.0.2693.7) on mac MOJAVE OS and inmoov virtual mode dont work (full, Right, Left are ok), i and i have an error "Runtime a quitté de manière imprévue ... J'ai installé la mise à jour MAC OS 10.14 depuis quelques jours seulement. Faut-il réinstaller Myrobotlab ? Merci d'avance pour votre aide Giloris

Getting Orbbec Astra working

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Hello everyone!

It's been almost two years now that I bought a Orbbec Astra to replace the Kinect 360 on my InMoov robot.

Why? Because it is smaller, it can "see" at a closer range and most of all, it is powered via the USB 2 plug.

Finished the huge power cords and power supply just for having a Kinect.


Now that being said, how do I make this thing work in MyRobotLab?

open cv makes Windows crash

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Hello everyone!
my name is sam, I build a robot inmoov, I integrated a camera in the eye.
I have a problem with open cv that crash my pc (blue screen and restart),
the camera is a 600 tvl with a USB capture video key, with the program comes with the key it works but with MRL it crashes,

Is it necessary for mrl to be in usb3? (I think I plugged it into usb 2 to make it work).
Does it use a direct x or something to update?

Thank you

OMG ! .. Lucky B-Day Boy !

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Well, someone messed up and I didn't get the expected lump of coal.  Instead, I got some good person's Oculus Rift !! Sooooo excited ... perfect timing .. I can start doing remote telepresense with WorkE AND begin to explore WorkE's virtual mind with updates to the JMonkeyService ...

WOOHOO !! new toys to play with already !

More formulas sampled...

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I found this here

And tried to represent it accurately in an  with the following code