gestos inmoov

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tego montado el atebrazo derecho con 6 servos ylos muevo con swingui pero no logro ejecutar los gestos guardados en gestos .ayuda por favor-

Change language new version

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hi, my friends

why the newest  version of Manticore  the change language don't work?

the change in

" _InMoov.config"






don't work!!

don't like the Lucia voice in the MarySpeech

myrobotlab not wurky for me

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Arduino: 1.8.11 (Windows 10), Board: "Arduino Uno"
In file included from sketch\LinkedList.h:72:0,
                 from sketch\MrlComm.cpp:10:
sketch\LinkedList.cpp: In instantiation of 'LinkedList<T>::~LinkedList() [with T = Device*]':
sketch\MrlComm.cpp:29:18:   required from here

Ideas for InMoov2 Gui

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Gael supplied some great graphics for the new UI.  I have been working to get the variouis "sub-panels" working for each of the buttons.  I'm waiting or Gael to send some html so I can have the buttons high-lighted when activated. In the interim I'm using the bottom buttons to mock the click events.

Wake Word Worky

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Wake word has been implemented.  I have found it very convienent.  I don't want my bot responding when I'm not talking to it.  The logs have been greatly improved so its easy to see what is going on.  


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I've been playing with ProgramAB and InMoov2.
It's enjoyable to ask it a question and get a detailed response.

What is a squirrel ?  

Manticore: MrlComm will not compile No wurky put in on get hub

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It used to compile not anymore have fresh copy of Manticore  tried raspi, win10 and win7 same error on all. see below.

gestos inmoov

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gracvias pero no lo entiendo soy novato

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I downloaded the full face stl from thingiverse but I can't figure out how to mount to the rest of the head no holes to match up or am I doing something wrong

Dr InMoov Octopus

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What happens when jmonkey loads 2 of the same model