Mpu6050 Service



MPU6050 is a service for Accelerometer and Gyro. Several different boards exists that has the MPU-6050 circuit. Different boards can be found at the Arduino site The board that has been used for testing on both Arduino and Raspberry Pi is the GY-521 board. 

Example for develop:


InMoov2 MRL Updates

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 It has been a few days since I fired up MyRobotLab and it shows I'm at version 1.1.518. The latest build shows 1.1.523? I thought I read where MRL would auto update, is that correct?

Basic Ironman using new NeoPixel2

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Hmm probably should put sparkles in it.  Anyway this is the new NeoPixel2 interface so far.

Each pixel comes with its own color chooser, then there is a fill and select color chooser, and an controller, pin, pixel count and animation drop down.

Nixie InMoov2 Sim PDQ

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Jim_K asked about how to start Nixie's InMoov2 simulator... so here it is:

inconsistent installs none of which work

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InMoov2 version 1.1.518


java version "1.8.0_202"

Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.8.0_202-b08)

Config Crash

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Heh, working with JMonkeyEngine service saving and loading configuration ...
Making progress, but as you can tell ... still needs work :)

I think it makes a difference the order for which you apply local transforms .... :)

RasPi & MPU6050

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RasPi service now has i2c bus scanning ability ...
The MPU 6050 web ui was done originally by Mats ... 
Yay Mats ! - always does great work.  But, unfortunately the original THREE teapot geometry is gone :( which made the UI render blank.
So I made it use a box geometry  - simple, but worky at least again !

How to run Java 11 and Java 8 on the same machine

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The Manticore version of myrobotlab requires Java 8.
The Nixie version of myrobotlab requires Java 11.

What do you do ?