I wrote a sketch from \ resource \ Esp8266_01 at Esp8266_12. I received a response to the request http: //esp8266-01.local/ with a map of connected devices.

 I ran the script:

esp = Runtime.start ("esp", "Esp8266_01")

ada = Runtime.start ("Ada", "Adafruit16CServoDriver")

ada.attach (esp, "1", "0x40")

motor1 = runtime.start ("motor1", "MotorDualPwm")

motor1.setPwmPins (0,1)

motor1.attach (ada)

But, I do not get any engine action. The question is how to verify that data from the MRL is coming to ESP?

I, as I understand it, that there should be a chain: MRL-​​router-ESP-Adafruit16CServoDriver-engines.