Impressive Virtual Assistant - Google got code...

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Really amazing, and spooky :)

Really amazing, and spooky :)

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Hmm - calling "Bluff" on presentation snippit

Yes its possible and Yes I want AI systems ....

....however I am calling "Bluff" on the presentation... and reservations re:-its applications.

I cannot believe that the first lady in the video was actually talking to herself. what the....

Seems they have re-scripted then re-spoke the conversation..... (and the presenter using loaded responses to  make you believe the conversation was real, tsk,tsk)..

Come on google you can do better than that !!!...

A By Note :- Again another way to mislead, deceive, or trick your money into Googles pocket.....

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Incredible, and of course a

Incredible, and of course a bit scarry.

The voice and intonations though are so human that it makes you wonder if, as says Gareth, it isn't re-spoke by a real human.


Thanks Grog for sharing.