Tell me, please, how to set up a translator?
You speak phrases to the robot in your language, and he immediately pronounces in another language.

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Put services together to make it worky.

To make a translator..  you'll need a few things

1. a speech recognition service.

2. a translation service.

3. a speech synthesis service.

4. a little python script to help glue all the parts together.  (or ProgramAB with some AIML)


For the speech recognition,  I would recommend using WebKitSpeechRecognizer.  It supports many language and generally works quite well.

For the translation service,  I think the only one we currentl support is the Micrsosoft Azure Translation service.  You will need an API key to use that service.

For the speech synthesis service, there are a few to choose from.  Quality of the voices and the various languages that the voices support are varied.  You'll want to pick a voice that supports your target language.  Perhaps the best voices would be with the Amazon Polly service.  (Again, you'd need an API key to use that one.)

The python script to wire this up should be pretty straight forward..

I don't know how good these examples are. but I found this that might help:

If you combine that script with this one


I think you'll be pretty close to having it all working as you want.

Good luck!  Report back how you make out.


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When trying to get apikey,

When trying to get apikey, Microsoft Azure writes - We are making changes in working with clients, and Azure subscriptions are currently not available in Russia.