PS4 Single Handed Joystick

I have had a request to make a custom PS4 Left handed Joystick for a person who is recovering from a "Stroke", thought it would be interesting reference.

Above is just a first a first bite of the cherry, subject to many/many changes.

First step (above)  :- create a cradle for the main board to sit in, then grow everything out from that.

To follow a nifty handle.... with viewport for board....

....and its kinda ergo...

I am using as a base, the internals of a  "Hori Wired mini Gamepad"  its a PS4 Official Licensed Product, the circuit board within is very small, which is why I went for this version.

FIrst problem was decoding the Human Interface Device signals, i.e. what button affects what part of the USB packet.


After fluffing around and installing "Device Monitoring Studio" to make this I thought...

Then I had a kind of Eureka moment and remembered that MRL has a Joystick Service.... Bingo... Workio first time.

Now using the service I have a reference and test platform for developing the rest of the Joystick.


Here is what the internals look like (long photo motage), best thing is that the silk screen text explains what is what... winwin.


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GroG's picture

Awesome project Gareth ! I'm

Awesome project Gareth !
I'm excited MRL was able to help :D

I think its magical when the things we like to work on are of some use to someone in need.  
I'm curious though - what is the other end going to be connected too ?

Gareth's picture

ermmm a PS4 Game_ing computer

Indeed MRL is an all-round Swiss Army Knife. (why search else where :-)

The controller will be attached to .... wait for it......  an actual Sony Play Station 4.

The mod will enable full control of the PS4 with the use of one hand.

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Ahahah ....   ya, that's a

Ahahah ....   ya, that's a big surprise !   Especially, around here...
Great work Gareth - I always like the detailed pict.

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That's amazing

If the user can move the wrist, I think it would be great if you could implement some simple TILT SENSORS that have the shape of an electrolytic capacitor for the X and Y axes and leave the fingers for other actions.





Or you can use MPU6050 (combine a 3-axis gyroscope and a 3-axis accelerometer )
with an arduino nano for an analog output.


I think it can be a more intuitive way for the user and with less mechanical elements that may fail in the future and less stress on the fingers.