Silence the InMoov Virtual Scream

I adjusted the initial rotation of the virtual inmoov jaw so that its no longer screaming, but in the same pull request I fixed the unbridled update.   What's this about ? 

JMonkeyEngine gives us a thread so we can update virtual inmoov, moving arms and head etc..  But if we don't slow this thread down the Frame rate will rocket to 300+ Frames per Second, which makes our computer not so happy :(

I now added an adaptive throttling, which figures out how much time was spent actually moving arms & legs then caclulates how much time it should wait to produce something that comes close to 30 fps.

This should stop virtual InMoov from screaming because its too hot.
Cool and smiling !

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Super! I would love to test

Super! I would love to test to give you feed back.

In which version will I find the fix?

I just tried to launch version Nixie 1.1.283, but get stopped with a error. I just sent a noworky.

The error is related to master behing behind inmoov-develop branch.

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Super cool! Tested withe

Super cool!

Tested withe Nixie version 1.1.294, it works perfect, the jaw is correctly placed and the frame rate is stable at 27. No more CPU crying out!!

Thanks Grog!