More Parkour Atlas

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Just badass

Extra Function with OpenCV in Face Detection

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Hi guys. I would like to implement the function as shown in the URL attached, which is a emotion detect function. I wish to implement this when Face Detection in python script is executed in MyRobotLab, so that the emotion status will be displayed also when the face is detect, anyone have any idea how should I do so?

The tracking script used is

Release of the advanced inmoov head

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Hi all. So, im considering releasing my advanced inmoov head for all of you to use if you desire. its not fully finished and to be honest i would need testers to make sure that certain things work as expected. The entire head would have to be reprinted to use my design, and you would need the drupp neck.

Nano Neopixel issue

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What is the max neopixel rings that I can run off the inmoov breakout boards ?  I belive it states 3. Just wondering how, since 1 per inmoov board on a full body.  How do you connect the third ?

Knowledge needed

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So this might be not related much to MyRobotLab, but I'm interested in how the face is track after detection by using OpenCV, anyone have the fundamental knowledge in this services? I mean, like, how the servo is controlled to make sure the face detected will always located at the center etc.

Service MotorDualPwm

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Мне нужно управлять платформой на 4 двигателях постоянного тока. Я хочу использовать сервис - MotorDualPwm. При установке пина RightPwmPin сбрасывается на 0. В чем моя ошибка или это ошибка в программе?

Thank you, Marcus, for posting the wheels for Robyn in the Thingiverse. I repeated it and added my printed gearboxes and motor drivers.

Service MotorDualPwm

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I need to operate the platform on 4 DC motors. I want to use the service - MotorDualPwm. When setting the pin, RightPwmPin c is reset to 0. What is my error or is it an error in the program?

Weird, and weirder.

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When I'm trying to execute myrobotlab.jar and connect my Arduino Mega after accessing the Arduino services in the runtime inside mrl (COM4), it exit automatically, I mean, I can't even connect to the Arduino ! Is my way wrong or...?

Weird rest position and Bad Magic Number?

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Hey. I wonder why the rest position differ from what I had set in the skeleton_head.config. And it always show the bad magic number after a few second the head activated (I'm developing the upper part only, which only 1 Arduino is used, and I haven't attach external power to the Arduino/Nervo Board yet). The robot seems like lost all the connection after this issue comes out...Need help !