Help Required

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Hi all


Thanks for the acceptance


I require some help,can anyone assist ,,,,i wanna print and build a small robot(1st ever) so can you please guide me what you would recommend to do as a 1st timer,also i would require a full list of electronics,.stp files,ECT,as well as the programming part




South Africa

Working code for OpenCv/LKOptical tracking

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I have my Raspberry Pi and Picam working now, thanks for all the help on that. I'm now trying to get some simple vision stuff working. I've managed to do face tracking and get the bounding box variables returned to the code using this example:

However it's a bit heavy for the Raspberry Pi, and essentially I just need optical flow, so the LKOpticalTrack filter looks ideal. I can make it work int he Gui - it tracks points fine and I can speifcy the point to track in the code as per the example also which works fine.

Love Robo and MRL

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For the past few months, Robo has been getting all my attention.  My wife and kids had to take a back seat while I made Robo strong, smart, and handsome.  I know he is not much of an Android yet, but MRL provides many features out of the box which are so neat!  For instance, the vision powers up, the wksr comes up with programAB, and then the servos power up.

inmoov chatbot stop answering... java 32 vs 64 bit

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hello i am new to the world of myrobotlab and programing and i have a question about the chatbot ...i installed myrobotlab via the inmoov tutorial that i am now first i installed everything with the 32 bit java version ....the chatbot was answering my questions and all....i noticed that i was running a 64 bit windows version i installed the 64 bit java version....then the chatbot stoped answering ...????

Features of my advanced head and sneak peeks

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Hey everybody, I figured i would make an official post for progress on the advanced head as well as provide the list of features that are currently in the works.  Spawn is my official tester and, with my permission, might release videos of parts of the advanced head.  The head, at the moment, will be controlled with 28 servos 

Current features in the works:

Learning Dexterity

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Thanks Jeff Schneider !!!

Original Link :

Very Lovely Doc :

Current State of R0B-3

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Hi I wanted to do this a long time ago and would wish that i would be more complete but I think I can still show what I have been doing with my robot.

Here is a photo of its current state (right arm broke and repair is in progress):


Stepper Motor Rover + HomeBrew Lidar

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Thought it may be of interest to document a rover platform using Stepper Motors as drive linked to an ESP32 sporting a Web gui to control movement and display Sensor data.

MarySpeech question

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I am having trouble changing the voice in MarySpeech on Azul. It used to work, but I deleted the MRL directory and started fresh when I changed to Manticore 1.0.2693.