Menu Workio ! (re-edit :-p )

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Custom Joystick for people who have use of only one hand.

edit :- (Gareth :-)

This is the first integrated working part of the controller aka "The Menu System" that enables the basic housekeeping of the Playstation 4.

MRL is helping a great deal for debugging using the Joystick service.

Updates - Log Service Sparkles

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After several coding jams the Log service is starting to have sparkles.  I wanted to make it "better" than eclipse's console to quickly see status and diagnose issues.  Having a good logging system is the cornerstone of workyness :)


Blink Speed

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Hello, Does anyone know how to control the blink speed when the Inmovv robot is sitting still. It looks like the robot is passed random eye blinks but I notice there is random veocity numbers. I would like to hold it at max speed "-1". Is there a defualt I can modify or a script ?  Can someone help point me to the correct file ?  thanks ;)

OpenCV Resolution

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Is there a way to increase the default resolution the face detection is using ? I always seem to get a small default and cant find the location to make it higher.  thanks

LeapMotionFrame "is_valid" attribute not found.

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Hello, I am attempting to determine whether a leap Frame is valid or not so that I am not continuously sending 0 to all the joints if the user's hand is out of view of the controller. I have added a method isFrameValid into This is on the master branch by the way. Here is the Leap Documentation on the subject

InmoovArm with Adafruit16CServoDriver

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Hello, so far I've been developing my Inmoov Arm with a Raspberry Pi and Adafruit16CServoController. I've basically found myself trying to reimplement a lot of the functionality already provided by the InmoovArm service. However, in the master branch (Manticore release) it seems to be hardcoded to use an arduino. I've noticed in the develop branch it seems to be more flexible regarding the servo controller. However, I'm struggling to find the proper initialization procedure to create the Arm with the I2C servo controller.

Ultrasonic Sensor

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Can anyone point me to some help to hook up dual Ultrasonic Sensors in my Inmoov ? Cant really seem to find a place that detials it.  Looking to hook 2 of them .  Cheers

James Bruton using MyRobotLab

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Just wanted to show that James Bruton is now using MyRobotLab in one of his projects.




Wireless Inmoov Arm Project

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Hello, I am currently using the 1.0.2693 Manticore myrobotlab.jar to create my project. The architecture is as follows.