Emoji Service Preview

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One step closer to work-e == gert-e

This is a preview of the Emoji service ...  cuz what is better to express the nuances of emotion than emojis ?
Things to fix : (oh god .. the list goes on ...)

face recogniser crash's the system

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I have been building the robot and playing around with mrl for a while now and everytime I attempted to setup face recognition, the programme would crash, as in the live video would pause and no mouse clicks would do anything. the speech still worked, but it would otherwise just hang. 
I initially thought it was the compuer I was using was too slow, however I have just updated to a new computer and same problem.

Is there something I am doing wrong or do I just need a massivly fast computer or what?

please any help would be good

Sparse Feature Optical Flow

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I've added "OpticalFlow" filter to OpenCV (worke branch), and here seeing throuhg work-e's kinect eye - you can see worke-e turning left ... or was it right ? :) 

So to make this useful for collision avoidance, some work will need to be put into it.  Like describing the direction vector.  Also some semi-intelligent pruning of data. 

It starts by getting good features to track. Which itself has a few parameters to tweak.

Myrobotlab crash

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myrobotlab crash when I disable chatbot, I was using "False", someone here sugest that the capital F will kill the program, I change to lower case but same problem in fact I found the word False is used  in all defaults config.

Lloyd, an evolved InMoov for Telepresence and Augmented Reality

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It's been a goal of mine(ours?) for a long time to have a proper telepresent InMoov.  I believe Lloyd is that.  There is a new branch of MyRobotLab called "lloyd" based off the develop branch.  This is where I'll be continuing work on my customizations without breaking horribly things that are already working.

MRL erfolgreich installieren

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Liebe Leute! Ich habe ein riesiges Problem.

Can azure translator work with inmoov?

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I launched the azure translator service. Based on the example code -  it works!
But which way I can  run  translator to work with inmoov?
When I change  language in the ear service,  the phrase is correctly recognized in a given language, but it is not translated into English.
I would like that the phrase to be translated through the azure service, to english language and then it can be further processed by AIML ...
is it possible?

Share the config directory

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Is it possible to share the InMoov config, chatbot directories  between two different versions of mrl (e.g. stable and beta)?  

sleepMode.py imagedisplay is not defined

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I have this error when he go to sleep, I sent no-worky

  File "C:/mrl/Nixie_1.1.269/InMoov/life\sleepMode.py", line 55, in sleepModeSle
NameError: global name 'imagedisplay' is not defined