changing gestures without a complete restart

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Hi all, my build continues.

I have now reached a usable stage and am using the robot for my political campaign here in Australia.

However I have a couple of questions you may be able to help me with.

1. I can't work out how to add a new gesture file.

I can create one by modifying an existing gesture but can't make it be recognised by mrl so I have been just modifying the "about" gesture and using that.

2. Can I easily restart MRL to have the modified file take effect without restarting the whole robot?

90 degree potetiometer adjustemnt

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hello ,,,,i would like to know how to adjust the potentiometer to 90 that the 0 ( off ) position is at the center of the pots course

standard servos hacked to provide feedback

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Hi folks

found these instructions to add feedback from a standard servo.

wanted to know whether anybody has already given it a try and wouldn't it be nice to actually get a feedback where the servo is and not simply have to assume that the servo moved as requested?

would need extension of the servo service to allow for specifying feedback and do the math?

and the greatest thing is that it only requires a bit of hacking with zero costs?


Rachel found the beer !

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Playing with yolo filter !



TOF gets a local DEBUG screen

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Up till now I have been porting scans over the Serial wires and manually presenting the data.....

Now the Rig has its own Real-Time Debug TFT Display. (you might see it below the right wheel)

Above is just a 180° scan of this below :-

Wooden planks set at 90° and two DVD cases thrown in for measure.

When InMoov turns into a dog

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When Richard Ryerson (RobotGuy6)  takes two upper InMoov body to build a dog.

Cute name: FrankenDog according to Richard.

Richard is running EZ. I was lucky to stumble on this video, because there is no mention of InMoov on YouTube.

Okay now lets see if it opens a door and dance like the Boston Dynamics dogs!


First test of Kwatters brand spanking new DruppNeck service :)

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It's alive and moving, but needs some debugging.
Doesn't show up in Service GUI yet and when called from a script it tries to download the DruppNeck service (Download popup).
If i do a manual, and the neck points straight forward and is level, but if i do a neck.moveTo(0, 0, 0) it will move a bit to the left and "Roll" a small bit to the same side.

version 2 legs

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I started over on the legs. Learned some of what not works on the first set. New legs: the black is nylon-X, blue is ABS, gray is aluminum. I bought a Tormach CNC this summer and have been making some parts out of metal. Lots of fun and lots to learn. The gears and shaft couplers came from Serrvo City. I am still using RoboClaw motor controllers. There are 6 motors on each leg. 3 for hips, 1 for knee, and 2 for ankles. For the main support I used 1 inch square alum. (80/20). All parts are in CAD, Autodesk Inventor.